Brack Animal Hospital is accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO). All veterinary practices must pass CVO accreditation to function in Ontario. CVO determines all licensing requirements for veterinarians in Ontario based on the Veterinarians Act of 1898 and Ontario Regulation 1093. Veterinary practices are inspected for specific equipment requirement, proper patient records, safe drug storage, medical reference library, and orderly and sanitary premises. CVO accreditation is every 5 years.

Brack Animal Hospital is also accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).  Only 14% of veterinary facilities in North America and 7% of small animal veterinary practices in Canada have the prestigious AAHA accreditation. Every three years, AAHA hospitals must be re-evaluated and pass a quality assessment review. AAHA accredited hospitals are evaluated on over 900 standards in the following areas: quality of care, diagnostic and pharmacy, management, medical records, and facility. Consultants regularly visit these hospitals to ensure compliance with AAHA’s standards. The Standards developed and published by AAHA are widely accepted as representing those components of veterinary practice that represent high quality care. The Standards are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that they remain consistent with evolving knowledge and technology. We, at Brack Animal Hospital, have upheld the AAHA standards without fail since1964.