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    Over 300 Years of Combined Experience to Serve You

    Put the expertise and synergy of Windsor’s largest veterinary team to work for you. Our caring team led by 6 Veterinarians is able to help with all your pet’s needs, routine or emergency. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and pocket pets all welcome!

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    Benefits of Laser Surgery

    Laser surgery is a progressive and less painful surgical alternative for your pet. Versus traditional surgical methods, laser surgery offers the benefits of less bleeding and swelling, extreme precision, reduced risk of infection and quicker recovery. It is our exclusive choice for feline declaws.

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    Dental Health – Why It Matters

    Periodontal disease hurts! To properly assess dental health, it isn’t enough to examine an open mouth. Our team’s advanced dental training along with our Intra-Oral Digital Imaging Technology examines what’s happening above and below the gum-line resulting in a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

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    Cat-Friendly Services

    We recognize that cats often react to hospital visits with fear and anxiety. To help our feline friends feel more comfortable, we have incorporated special touches throughout their visit to put them more at ease.

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    Individualized Surgical Care

    Apprehensive about anesthesia and surgery? Our team understands and individualizes the care given to all surgical patients with I.V. fluids, warming blankets, pain relievers, blood work, specialized monitoring equipment, and a qualified veterinary technician at your pet’s side throughout the procedure and recovery.

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    Brack Boarding Perks

    Boarding stays of 7 days or more include a complimentary nail trim for junior pets (under 8 years) or a complimentary boarding check for seniors (over 8 years) to afford you extra peace of mind.

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    Dedicated to Veterinary Excellence

    We are 1 of only 3 hospitals in Windsor/Essex certified by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) in addition to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO). This means that we have met or exceeded over 900 standards that directly correlate to the care we are providing. We have maintained certification since 1964 because we believe your pet deserves the very best.

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